SDI was established in 1994 by Mr Robert White and has built its reputation as a reliable and trustworthy sustainable manufacturing business providing high quality domestic and industrial cleaning goods and services to many of Australian iconic brands.

Today our head office and manufacturing facility is located 33-37 Villas Road SOUTH DANDENONG Victoria Australia.

SDI specifically designs, manufactures and repackage product for diverse range of industries.   We have built a reputable and sustainable business that is transparent and trustworthy.

The SDI group is the manufacturer of RIDOV.


RIDOV is protected under Australia Patent certification number 2011247875 and currently under International PCT patent application finalization reference number PCT/AU2012/001117.

/images/pdf_icon.gif RIDOV Australian Patent

DAVIES COLLISON CAVE Intellectual Property Trade Mark Attorney located at 1 Nicholson Street Melbourne Victoria Australia reference www.davies.com.au  represents RIDOV



Patent Law – Under Australian patent certification is currently under worldwide application.

/images/pdf_icon.gif RIDOV Trademark

Formula & Intellectual Property – Sole property of Mr. Robert White registered as the ‘inventor’.

/images/pdf_icon.gif RIDOV Registration


Our Intellectual Property Patent Technology

RIDOV It is fully certified under registration patent approval number 2011247875 incorporating Australia, China, Japan, Malaysia, USA, Europe, India, New Zealand, Canada, Indonesia and Middle East inclusively.

Patent trademark now registered in Australia, China, Japan, Malaysia, USA, Europe, India, New Zealand, Canada, Indonesia and Middle East.

RIDOV has been laboratory tested for 3 years by Monash University Australia and AMS Laboratories Sydney Australia

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