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Welcome to RIDOV a REVOLUTIONARY ANTI-MICROBIAL cleaning product, 95% BIODEGRADABLE ingredients -: ALOE VERA INFUSED with SILVER COLLOID known as ACTIVE SILIVER ION with an insignificant amount of raw cleaning compound to assist in the removal of stubborn stains.

How does RIDOV work?

Aloe Vera acts as the surfactant medium holding into place the Active Silver Ion.  When applied to a surface area it will immediately go to work on any of bacteria that we have proven to kill. 

The application is a two part process:  

STEP 1 spraying and wiping clean any stains or soil on the surface

STEP 2 apply again to the surface leaving a light film that will kill 99.99% of the bacteria protecting the surface area for up to 72 hours.    

What does RIDOV do? 

RIDOV KILLS 99.99% of SUPER BUGS such as Golden Staph, MRSA, VRE and E-coli offering 72 hours of PROTECTION from the moment it is applied to surfaces.

How do we know that RIDOV kills SUPERBUGS and bacteria pathogens?  

Monash University Victoria Australia - Micromon Genomic, Biotechnology and Diagnostics Division completed intensive independent 3 year testing protocol on its formula and composition under strict quality standard examination guidelines known as JIS Z 2801: 2000E an antibacterial activity and efficacy test.  

RIDOV was tested against three significant bacteria mediums Golden Staph, Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococci (VRE), Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) commencing in 2011 and concluding 2013.   

Conducted by Dr Kylie Wilson (Senior Technical Officer) and Dr Kunkun Zhang (Technical Officer) of MICROMON located at Building 75, Monash University, 3800 Clayton Campus, Wellington Road, and Clayton VICTORIA. Monash University Victoria’s clinical trials found RIDOV delivered a highly effective kill rate of 99.99% offering a protection cycle of 72 hours

Further independent testing using the same anti-bacterial activity and efficacy test JIS Z 2801: 2000E.  was completed in 11th August 2014 by the ams Laboratories Pty Ltd (ams) located 8 Racheal Close Silverwater NSW 2128 confirmed Monash University 2011/13 findings concluding that RIDOV kills Golden Staph, VRE, MRSA 99.99%.  


RIDOV is a proven natural multi-cleaning product, cost effective, easy to use and people friendly compared to the chemcial nasties used that are:  

  1. Labour and cost intensive 
  2. Offer short cleaning protection cycles
  3. Require Occupational Health & Safety considerations when preparing and using heavy chemical cleaning agents. 
  4. Offer very little benefits in the fight against SUPERBUGS. 

Where can RIDOV be used?

Ridov is a multipurpose use and can be applied on all surfaces such as: Walls, floors, celliings, air conditioner, table surfaces, leather synthetic material chairs, bed posts, railings including toilets, drains, sinks and bathrooms.


2 x clean cloths, applicator for floors and walls, extension applicator to reach the ceiling and corners including air conditioner vents.

Instruction for use

Ridov is a two step process.

1. Preparation of surface by spraying and removing grime, food, drink, blood or sputum from the area. 

2. Apply Ridov by spraying the area and spreading over the surface area evenly. 

When using the 750ML RIDOV spray bottle lightly spray on the subject surface and wipe off all dirt and grime ( food, drink, blood and or sputum.

Once surface is clean spray a thin layer of RIDOV with the second clean cloth or applicator and spread evenly over all surfaces and let dry.  This application will protect the surface for 72 hours. 

When treating walls, (Where it is difficult to reach with a spray) it is best to spray RIDOV onto the applicator and apply to the higher surfaces that are out of reach including ceilings. 

Where there is ducted air-conditioning outlet remove the cover clean it with RIDOV.  Then spray into the duct for about 600mm over the whole area top, bottom and sides in both directions and replace cover. 

 At all times after cleaning the areas spray RIDOV into the drain outlets. 

Local Packaging 

RIDOV is packaged in 20L cube container - Non Dangerous Goods and a 750ml spray bottle 

You can purchae one singluar 20L cube container up to pallets of 48 x 20L 

Our 750ml spray bottles are packaged and sold as standard order 12 x 750ml to a box

International Shipping

For all international shipping please contact [email protected]  for a quote please state the country and port of discharge. 

RIDOV Products

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