Ridov is a two step process.

  1. Preparation of surface by spraying and removing grime, food, drink, blood or sputum from the area.
  2. Apply Ridov by spraying the area and spreading over the surface area evenly.

When using the 750ML RIDOV spray bottle lightly spray on the subject surface and wipe off all dirt and grime ( food, drink, blood and or sputum.

Once surface is clean spray a thin layer of RIDOV with the second clean cloth or applicator and spread evenly over all surfaces and let dry.  This application will protect the surface for 72 hours.

When treating walls, (Where it is difficult to reach with a spray) it is best to spray RIDOV onto the applicator and apply to the higher surfaces that are out of reach including ceilings.

Where there is ducted air-conditioning outlet remove the cover clean it with RIDOV.  Then spray into the duct for about 600mm over the whole area top, bottom and sides in both directions and replace cover.

At all times after cleaning the areas spray RIDOV into the drain outlets.

RIDOV has been laboratory tested for 3 years by Monash University Australia and AMS Laboratories Sydney Australia

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